Fridgetech Marine offers a comprehensive range of 12/24 volt refrigeration:


Isotherm Compact Classic - Aircooled

The Compact thermostat-regulated refrigeration unit uses a Danfoss compressor to cool an evaporator fitted in your refrigerator or deep freeze box.  Aircooling is a traditional way of removing heat with a condenser where air is blown through by a fan.  It is important that the compressor compartment is ventilated, so the cold air enters from below and hot air is allowed to escape above.

Isotherm Compact Magnum - Watercooled (electric pump sea watercooled)

The Isotherm Magnum has been designed for vessels where refrigeration requirements are exceptionally large or for extended sailing in tropical waters.  Isotherm magnum uses the surrounding water, always appreciably cooler than the air inside the boat, to increase cooling efficiency.  All magnum models are fitted with intregal sea water pumps for circulating the cooling water throught the cooling section of the refrigerator compressor.  The pump is quiet, self-priming, withstands being run dry and is self-aerating. The highly efficient heat exchanger is manufactured in a corrosion resistant copper nickel alloy and fitted with a zinc anode.

SP - Hull Fitting

The Isotherm SP system is a totally new technique that is cooled directly by the surrounding water. This means that refrigeration efficiency is completely independent of the air temperature inside the boat. Even on the hottest days of summer - just when a refrigerator is needed most - the water-cooled Isotherm SP operates consistently at an extremely high level of efficiency impervious to hot ambient temperatures. Without fans or pumps to remove the heat generated by the refrigeration compressor, the SP system consumes much less battery power and is remarkably quiet.

ASU - Innovative Technology

Isotherm ASU systems are designed for installations in existing cool boxes and mainly for use in sailing yachts where battery power is at a premium. The ASU system dramatically reduces power consumption while supplying refrigeration in abundance. It senses when surplus power is available from the engine alternator and speeds up the compressor to rapidly freeze the holding plate. When surplus power is no longer available it reduces its energy-use accordingly. The stainless-steel holding plate can be fitted at any suitable angel high up in the box before being connected to the compressor unit by the three meter long six mm diameter flexible copper piping fitted with quick-couplings. The compressor unit is small enough to be fitted in a stowage within connecting distance from the holding plate. Extremely quiet when running, it can even be fitted under a bunk if needed. After connecting the leads to the battery, the pre-filled system is ready to go.

Top Loading Fridge/Freezers

A quick and easy way of installing a fridge/freezer on your boat. Available 6 sizes, 29L, 53L, 40L(ASU option), 41L, 75L and 92L.

Front Opening Fridge/Freezer Range

Isotherm by Indel Marine Cruise refrigerators are the outcome of careful research that combines technological innovation with sophisticated, yet practical design.


Isotherm Cruise Inox is a new exclusive range for luxury boats with stainless steel door and mounting frame. The door is totally flush, equipped with an integrated door latch in the front. Also the interior has details in stainless steel.

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