Top of the market, high quality, high performance, German Danfoss (Secop) compressors. Can be used as a replacement for a dead compressor on an old system, or can be used on a new system. To find which compressor will suit your needs feel free to give us a call or email.

Please Note These compressors rarely fail, before replacing it make sure that you have ruled out all other possibilities as to why your system is working.

BD80 Water Cooled

$2995.00 incl gst

BD80 Air Cooled

$1514.00 incl gst

BD50 Water Cooled

$2201.93 incl gst

BD50 Air Cooled

$1436.40 incl gst

BD35 Air Cooled

$1242.37 incl gst

Danfoss BD35f

With Electronics

$702.51 incl gst

Danfoss BD50f

with Electronics

$858.50 incl gst

Danfoss BD80f

with Electronics

$1009.10 incl gst

BD350GH Single 12v

$2033.00 incl gst

BD350GH Single 24v

$1107.04 incl gst

BD350GH TWIN 12v

$2185.00 incl gst

Danfoss BD35f

Bare Compressor

$423.20 incl gst

Danfoss BD50f

Bare Compressor

$541.79 incl gst

Danfoss BD80f

Bare Compressor

$594.96 incl gst