Eno Galley Stoves

Eno is designed and manufactured in France. Eno offers an unparalleled worldwide distribution and service network, and has a continuous commitment to design engineering and quality manufacturing. The full range is equipped with thermocouple safety protection on all burners, an electronic spark ignition, removable top grate, high quality stainless steel construction and gimble or fixed mounting kits.

Enamel 2 Burner (No Grill)

$1450.00 incl gst

Open Sea 2 Burner

$1795.00 incl gst

Gascogne 2 Burner

$1895.00 incl gst

Bretagne 3 Burner

$2595.00 incl gst

Open Sea 3 Burner

$1895.00 incl gst

Gascogne 3 Burner

$1995.00 incl gst

Perigord (Oven/Grill)

$1995.00 incl gst