La Plancha

The La Plancha range is a cooking appliance composed of a smooth enameled cast iron surface for searing foods - a cooking method that preserves their flavour through caramelization of juices. This "cooking by contact" style has been growing in popularity for a number of years in Europe, as it meets consumers culinary expectations; rapid cooking, delicious taste, healthy dishes and it is very easy to clean.

Click here for a La Plancha Cooking/Cleaning tutorial video

1 Burner Tradition

$795.00 incl gst

2 Burner Tradition

$995.00 incl gst

3 Burner Mania

$1495.00 incl gst

2 Burner Mania

$1295.00 incl gst

1 Burner Mania

$895.00 incl gst

Electric Plancha

Available in two sizes!

$ incl gst

Plancha Trolley

$1195.00 incl gst

Hoods for Plancha

$349.00 incl gst