Dometic RM 5310 (12/230/LPG)
Dometic RM 5310 (12/230/LPG)
Dometic RM 5310 (12/230/LPG)

Dometic RM 5310 (12/230/LPG)

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The Dometic RM 5310 3-way fridge/freezer has been designed for the RV industry and gives you the freedom to travel.   Its temperature control saves energy, while the interior LED light and door storage for large bottles give added convenience. With a compact design, the RM5310 has a remarkably spacious interior which features a flexible shelf system. 


User-friendly control panel
Magnetic seal on the door
Door lock with vent option
Reversible door hinges
Interior LED light
Flexible shelf system with practical door trays
Vertical space in the door for large bottles
Thermostat regulation in 230-volt and gas mode
Integrated gas galvanometer
Battery-powered ignition unit
Comes with flue kit

The new battery-powered ignition system can be hard-wired to the house battery. If 12V is not available (off-grid or portable applications) then a 1.5V AAA battery can be used for the gas ignition.

Cooling capacity: refrigerator +7°C, freezer compartment down to –12°C at ambient temperatures up to 32°C.

Technical Data

Total capacity: 60L
Fridge capacity: 55L
Freezer capacity: 5L
Overall dimensions (mm): 486W x 474D x 618H
Input voltage options: 12V or 230V
Average power consumption: 120W on 12V mode, 125W on 230V mode
Gas consumption: 270g/24hrs
Gas inlet on the fridge is 1/8 BSP FEMALE
Weight: 20.7kg
Warranty: 1 year