Solar Chest Freezer 303F

Solar Chest Freezer 303F

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Large stand-up, top opening, solar chest freezer.

Excellent efficiency, thick insulation, running a German danfoss (secop) compressor.

These units have been designed with efficiency and reliability in mind to make it perfect for use off of solar panels, for use in areas such as boats, motor-homes, caravans, off grid living , batches, farm sheds and more.

Has a total capacity of 303L (Large compartment with two doors)

Available with:
Standard 12/24 VDC module (current Auction)
Solar module to run direct off solar panels 10-48 VDC.
Switching transformer allowing to run on AC and DC Extra $295

Has 110mm thick insulation

Dimensions (mm): 1215L x 735W x 960H

Weight: 58kg

Power Consumption: 2.7 amps per hour at 12 VDC. Freezer at -18 degrees.

Has inner fan to force air circulation to ensure a even temperate from top-bottom.

Has temperature control that allows the freezer to go to -20°C

PLEASE NOTE: Small indentations on front face.
This will not affect the performance.

High temperature resistance and energy saving design, charged with environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a.