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Why is 12vdc compressor fridge better than a 3-way fridge?

Compressor fridges are able to chill down to lower temperatures and cool more consistently than gas 3-way, regardless of ambient temperature, due to the more powerful compressor motor. This is why the compressor motors can also be used for freezers.  Work well in uneven terrain, whereas the 3-way has to be on a level surface for the gas side to work.  12v compressor fridges are solely built for 12v use, which means they run very efficiently on battery power compared to the 3-way fridges.

3-way fridges require a lot more ventilation as they mostly run on gas, also 3-way fridges are much more affected by higher ambient temperatures, and they can only bring the temperature down to a certain amount below ambient, whereas a 12v compressor fridge will run at the set temperature

A compressor fridge is far more efficient and safe to operate/use, and it needs no maintenance.  In comparison with the same capacity 3 –way, compressor fridges are: Smaller, lighter, cheaper, colder, more reliable, safer, longer lasting, easier to install. And free to run if they are properly set up.

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