Fridgetech Solar Plus Chest Fridges & Freezers

New Solar fridges and freezers, assembled and tested in New Zealand by Fridgetech Marine.

These units have been designed with efficiency and reliability in mind to make it perfect for use off of solar panels, for use in areas such as boats, motor-homes, caravans, off grid homes, batches, farm sheds and more.

These units have such high efficiency and low power consumption because they are are running off a German Secop BD35f compressor, which is highly efficient and reliable. There is also no auto defrost feature as this uses large amounts of energy. Very large amount of quality insulation too keep the fridge/freezer colder for longer. 


What you need to run the solar fridge/freezer:

Good quality maintenance free batteries that have a large capacity. (Enough to store the energy used on a daily basis)

A high voltage solar panel – enough to keep up with the energy demand of the fridge (and other appliances you may be using)

Solar Chest fridge & Freezers