Brand new isotherm thermostats, comes with housing or as a bare unit. To be used as a replacement for your existing thermostat in your fridge/freezer. Very easy to install.

Tech Tip: To test that the thermostat needs replacing, take off thermostat wires on your electronic module, which are terminals C, P and T and then put a loop wire between the C and T terminals. The compressor should start and run. If the compressor does start then you may have to replace the thermostat, if the compressor doesn't start this could indicate that you have a faulty electronic module.

Elitech EK3010

$95.00 incl gst

Thermostat 165/219/271

$84.28 incl gst

Bare Fridge Range Thermostat

$56.49 incl gst

Fridge Thermostat Kit

$130.92 incl gst

Bare Multi-Range Thermostat

$66.93 incl gst

Multi Range thermostat kit

$130.92 incl gst

Freezer thermostat kit

$166.52 incl gst

Bare Freezer Thermostat

$69.60 incl gst

Bare Build-in Thermostat

$145.64 incl gst

Bare Cruise 200 Thermostat

$64.31 incl gst

Ice Maker Thermostat

For Cold Plate

$100.51 incl gst

Ice Maker Thermostat

For Inside temp.

$83.81 incl gst