Elegance Range - EL115 Freeline

Elegance Range - EL115 Freeline

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The Freeline EL115 liters by Isotherm represents an evolution of the Elegance line, created both for the Marine & Recreational Vehicle market. A spacious cabinet - comprised of a 85 litre fridge and a 20 litre freezer, allow for perfect travel comfort. At least 4 carton boxes of pizza can be stored in the freezer as the compartment is developed on a full width design. Characterized by a  supreme cooling performance, the Freeline 115 reaches noticeable electrical efficiency. Equipped with a modern control panel that includes ITC/Eco functions like the overcooling mode (that stores energy in food & drinks if surplus of electricity is available), it allows easy operations, such as temperature setting, internal lighting and provides by blinking code system for failure in the use. 

Dimensional Drawing

Volume (l)
Dimensions H x W x D (mm)
797 x 525 x 495
Power consumption (W/24h)
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